Day 6: Arrival

We arrived to Izmir airport from Istanbul, and rented a car from Avis. We had reserved the room in the Eskişehir Pansiyon, a small family hotel in Güzelcamlı, about 2 hours drive from Izmir.

The hospitality in the hotel is absolutely great. Since it was off-season we were the only guests in the house. We learned from our host, Sefer, that he used to be a teacher in the city of Eskişehir and, when retired, he and his wife moved to Güzelcamlı to open the hotel.

In the remainder of the day we went to take a bath in the nearby sea.

Day 7: Beach (Operation Lobster)

Sunbathing on the beach all day. In the neighbouring national park there are four very nice beaches, out of which we visited two. Wild boars living in the national park's forests come to the shore to be fed by tourists. We heard from a local guy that sometimes they steal unattended bagpacks hoping to find some delicious treats in it. They are not afraid of people at all, if you speak the secret call Mef-mef-mef (which translates to "I would be delighted to offer you this tasty piece of sandwich" in boarian), they approach you gently.

Not putting on any suncream, by the end of the day I, a.k.a. Mr I-don't-need-freaking-suncream, become lobster red. Smart move.

Day 8: Hike in the National Park

Today is hiking day. We take the dolmuş to the national park and over the course of a 5 hour hike we cross the Dilek Peninsula. The environment is really beautiful: at the highest point of the trail you can see water all around you: the Mediterranean Sea to north and the Aegean Sea to south. Around 2-3pm the heat in the direct sun gets unbearable. Moreover, due to the yesterday's sunburn my shoulders have great difficulty supporting the weight of my backpack.

The vegetation is really interesting and changes very rapidly, depending on the altitude and the orientation of the hills.

Also, a great number of animals species live in the national park. During the day we encounter all kinds of them.

Day 9: Leaving & Priene

We're leaving this likeable village and continue driving to south. Before we hit the state road, we pay a visit to the ruins of Priene, which is really close to Güzelcamlı.

After the visit, it takes 4 hours to get to Datça and the vacation is not over just yet.