Day 9: Arrival

We arrive in the late afternoon to Datça from Güzelcamlı . We check-in at the Tunç Pansiyon and walk to the nearest beach (5 mins) to swim a bit. It's the perfect place to create a mini zen garden.

We have dinner in Zekerya Sofrasi, a small family restaurant. It's like a fast-food restaurant: the dished are ready and kept warm. The selection is small and very delicious.

Day 10: Knidos and beach

We drive till the tip of the Datça peninsula. On the way we're stopped by two elderly women: from their gestures we understand that they want a lift to the next village. They hop in and talk to us not being bothered by the fact that we don't understand a single word.

In Knidos there's a museum of the ruins of an ancient city, but we don't visit it because the ticket is rather expensive and according to the guide it's not really worth it. Instead, we try to find a deserted beach where we can spend some hours sunbathing. The shoreline is quite rocky and steep, it takes a while finding a safe path to hike down to the sea. Well, safe path kind of looses its meaning when you're wearing flip-flops/sandals.

We take a scenic road on the way back to Datça and we stop at different beaches to look around and swim a bit here and there.

Day 11: Kargı-bay

We spend most of the day on the beach of the nearby Kargı-bay. In the afternoon we visit some old windmills (at least their remainings) and the city center of Eski Datça (Old Datça).

Day 12: Boat-trip

We take a boat trip that lasts all day. The ship goes along the coast and stops in bays not accessible from the land. At every stop we take a swim in the crystal clear, though coldish water.

Day 13: Leaving

We're leaving Datça and drive to Selçuk which will be the last city we visit during this trip. On the way we stop at the ruins of Alinda. There is no museum, no entry fee, in fact, there is nobody here but us. Perhaps the excavations had not revealed here anything important and they did not spend money for reconstruction and maintenance. However, it is clear, from what remained, that once there was a great, busy city here.