Day 13: Arrival

We book a room in the Barim Pension in Selçuk. Half of the day is gone with travelling from Datça. 5 mins from the hotel there's a very nice sandy beach: the travel book does not devote too many words to it, but this is the best sandy beach we encountered during our stay in Turkey.

After the walk on the seashore, we stroll a bit in the not too spectacular city center, eat something and visit a mini-mosque.

Day 14: Ephesus

We spend most of the day walking among the ruins of Ephesus. This is one of the most known archaeological sites of Turkey (the other may be Troy), This means, of course, a lot of tourists but the place really is worth a visit. The amount of (still ongoing) work put in restoration is amazing: it is a great tourist attraction, because large part of the site is very well preserved. Some parts of the grand theatre was actually re-built with modern materials in the last century and now archaeologists are trying to figure out the best way to present the remaining of its ancient, "true" state.

In the afternoon we have some time left to look around in the İsa Bey Mosque.

Day 15: Leaving Turkey

The two week vacation comes to the end today. We drive to Izmir Airport, return the rental car and fly to Geneva (through Istanbul).

The end.