Going mobile

David Wagner

This is an experimental post, sort of proof of principle, to see how comfortable it is to write blog posts from my mobile phone. Maybe I should have called it hello world from Android.


  1. Git based workflow I write the posts and generate the blog on my laptop (using GitHub pages).
  2. Git client on my phone. After a bit of research I quickly settled with PocketGit. It is not for free, but costs only 1.79 CHF and, according to the reviews, this is the best Android client you can get.
  3. An editor. Since on the desktop I use vim for everything I gave Vim Touch a shot, but was not convinced. For now I installed the Quoda code editor. So far so good, we will see how I like it.


There was really nothing unusual to do. Only PocketGit only needed some additional configuration. I generated an SSH key pair to be used by my phone to access the remote Git repositories. The rest of the infrastructure was already in place.


This first post entirely written on my Android phone is about to finish. It took me only about an hour to configure everything and I am overall happy with this tool chain.

Typing on my small phone is a bit painful but I think I can get use to it (otherwise I have to buy a phablet or suchlike). I will keep publishing the posts only from my laptop where I can comfortably spell check, polish and integrate the changes I made into the master branch. Also my blog generator does not run on Android, but this is not an issue at all.