Year 2022 in review

David Wagner

This year I wrote only three articles (including this one), so this will be a short review of the articles in 2022.

The puzzle of Day 8 in 2021 Advent of Code inspired me to explore logic programming, a lesser known, perhaps forgotten, yet powerful programming paradigm. In this article I explain my first logic program and I discuss the advantages and drawbacks I see with the implementation. I want to learn more about this paradigm because, as Scott Wlaschin explains in this presentation, logic programming systems and libraries may yield elegant declarative solutions to some classes of problems.

In Summer, I started to volunteer at Powerhouse, a local organization helping people to learn programming. I held only a few coaching sessions, but the experience rekindled my interest in teaching. I keep working with them in next year too.

Finally, yet again, in December I spent my free time solving the Advent of Code puzzles.

Thanks for reading and happy 2023!