Year 2021 in review

David Wagner

This year I wrote six posts on this blog (including this one), which is fewer than the ten written in 2020. In the first half of the year I was looking for a new job which sucked up most of my creative energy, but eventually last Summer I changed my employer.

Back in February I noticed how hard it is to know exactly what software versions are installed in a container image and I proposed to build container images using Nix. Nix is still the best tool for packaging and deploying software and I use it everywhere I can.

On a rainy weekend in March I learned how to generate random blog posts with a Markov-chain. This was great fun and in the future I’d like to experiment more with various machine learning algorithms.

In June my mind was on writing. I reviewed two books which helped me to improve my writing and I explained how I practice writing at work and in my free time.

Finally, in December I spent my free time solving the Advent of Code 2021 puzzles to learn the Clojure programming language.

Thanks for being here, let’s see what 2022 brings!

Happy New Year!